How to Get the Most From Open Houses

Open houses can be an extremely beneficial tool for home buyers.  If you visit open houses are you getting the most value out of them?  

This week in real estate we're going to talk about the benefits of going to open houses.  If you're a buyer and you're not doing these 4 things when you go an open house, you're missing out. The first reason you should be going to open houses is to learn about the home values in the neighborhood that you are interested in. The more open houses that you go to, the more you're going to learn about if a house is overpriced or if it's a good deal. The second reason is you get this get a feel for the community in the area. Alot of times neighbors come over to open houses. They've been wanting to see that house that's just gone up for sale and how they had it decorated and such but that gives you the opportunity to ask neighbors questions about the community. How they feel about it what they like what they don't like. Reason number 3 is you get to see that Realtor in action and when you see a realtor in action you could actually ask them a lot of questions, see how knowledgeable they are about the neighborhood, see how knowledgeable they are about real estate, the real estate trends. That's going to be important to you when you're selecting your Realtor so don't shy away from them ask them questions. Become engaged with them. We see a lot of people that are kind of like sneaking and sneaking out that's not that's not in your best interest. You really want to understand how that realtor works as it might end up being the perfect realtor for you. Buying a house is your single largest purchase that you make in a lifetime and you certainly don't want to shy away from getting professional advice. The last reason is you'll find what your needs actually are and when you look online you can get an idea of what a house looks like but once you actually walk in you can see is this this three-bedroom two-bath in the den gonna work for me or do I need something different. Is this layout going to work for me you just get a different perspective once you're actually walking through the home even a three-bedroom two-bath house there are so many different layouts you want to think about will your family work be able to live with that layout. For instance; is the kitchen in the front of the house or in the back of the house/ If you entertain a lot, you may want your kitchen in the back of the house so that way you can be out at the pool or you can give the kids refreshments outside. Just be thinking about that, I always like to look at different layouts because that's really important. Well that's it for this week in real estate. We hope you enjoyed this video. We also have other videos on our YouTube page and if this video doesn't pertain to you, please forward it and share it to somebody who is looking for a home. You can also find us on social media. Thank you and have a great week!

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