How to Make Your Offer Stand Out in a Seller's Market

If your homebuyer in the Phoenix metro area looking at homes in the under $250,000 price range if you find a nice home you're probably experiencing that it's going off of the market in one weekend with multiple offers and over list price and it's becoming frustrating for a lot of buyers.  What can you do about that?  Well first and foremost don't let your emotions run away from you don't overpay for a home and get caught up in a bidding war when the house may not be worth that value sit down with your Realtor come up with a game plan know exactly what the top of the market is for that particular home and limit yourself from there.  After all the home still has to appraise with a lender and be worth the price that you're paying.

The second thing is really work with your Realtor to put together a
compelling offer and that means more than just throwing more money at the offer you have to have a complete package to get your offer to stand out in front of the seller in fact just last weekend our offer got accepted and the realtor came back to us with the comments that the seller really liked the package that we put together it was compelling to them and they chose us over other offers.

The last thing is have your Realtor expose you to the hidden market and what that is is homes that are pre MLS they're not actually listed on the market yet in a few weeks what we're having is an app come out that will show you these homes before they go active on the MLS so you'll be the first to know.  Let us know if you would like additional information about this app.


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